Photo reading

With the help of a photo I am able to make contact with the energy of the depicted horse (living or deceased). The information that is important to be known at that time, will come through and I will give you this information. Of course you can ask questions and I will answer.

A (photo)reading can bring insight, clarity and support.

A photo reading can be done by email, by telephone or on location. This works excellent and fast.

When can a photo reading help?
For example:

  • When there are still questions after the death of your horse;
  • When the background is not known and your horse shows specific behavior;
  • If there is a need for a deeper insight into a personal situation, which can not be solved on the basis of reason.
Consultations and readings on location are possible. Different specific requests can be supplied as custom work.

With (persistent) medical complaints, I always recommend consulting a veterinarian first.

Photo readings on location

This means that I read photos at your home, in your store, or in the stables. This can be done on a pre-agreed time (morning, afternoon, evening). The desired number of participants is 6. Consult me for a different number of participants. The photograph may be of a person or an animal, living or deceased. If you want to have a picture read of a person who is alive, ask permission from the person in advance.

Photo reading rates

There are various possibilities for a photo reading:

  • Via telephone: € 75,- per hour / € 40,- per half hour
  • Via mail: € 100,- (there is always contact by  telephone after the photo reading))

For telephone readings, the cost of the telephone call is also for your account (you call me).

To make an appointment for a photo reading you can call or email me. We then make an appointment for which reading you want: by telephone or by mail.

For the reading by phone or e-mail, I need a photo of your horse. You can send me the photo by mail at least two working days in advance to the photo reading.
Photo readings via telephone or mail must be paid in advance. The payment must be credited to my account no later than a day before the agreed time.

On location:

In order to have sufficient time for everyone, the number of participants is a maximum of 6. This way I can give every person 20-25 minutes attention.
The costs for a reading afternoon/evening is € 39.50 per person. Also my travel costs (€ 0,19 per km) and travel fee will be charged extra.

To make an appointment or for more information:

You can reach me on: + 31 615 547 767
or by mail:

Bank account:
M. Lagrand in Rotterdam