Why EQcure

Stunning treatment results.
Relatively short treatment period.
Knowledge, expertise, experience.
Great passion and affinity with horses.
Passion, intrinsic involvement and enthusiasm.

Method EQcure

EQcure works practically and energetic. 

EQcure works with Counseling (people), T-Touch Horse in combination with Touch for Health and Reiki. Touch for Health is typically used to trace and define the imbalance. Reiki is used in particular to support the treatment process. Communicating with animals is applied to questions from the owner, but also used in treatments.

Treatment of injuries

Additionally, the vet will start mapping the imbalance so that it becomes clear where the problem is. The imbalance either the blockade, is energetically treated, which reduces pain and returns the balance. Blessures can thus be treated in a very short time, with remarkably positive results.
EQcure always works as a supplement to the veterinary treatment methods and never replaces regular medical care.

Improve horse performance

When rider and horse are physically, mentally and emotionally unbalanced, it is difficult to deliver really good results. Or there are regular recurring blockages while riding. Then EQcure helps equip rider and horse and work as a team.

Usually the cause is a mental situation with the rider, where the horse is sensitive to responses. Through visualizations and changing the mindset of the rider, equestrian and horse equilibrium and improve the mutual relationship. This ensures maximum performance and enjoyable riding, for both rider and horse.

EQcure always supports and is not a substitute for solid horse riding lessons.

Treatment of behavioral problems

If a horse has had a traumatic experience or past and there is regular recurring inexplicable behavior, EQcure helps explain the behavior by revealing the experience. Reiki treatments make the problem solved.

Communicate with horses

The “talking” with animals goes on an intuitive telepathic way. If I want to get in touch with an animal, I will do that at the energetic level. I will ask questions and get an answer from the animal in the form of images, words, feelings or knowledge. When an animal has physical complaints I will experience it during communication as well.

Some examples of reasons to request a consultation:

  • behavioral problems or other problems of your horse
  • if you want to know something about the past of your horse
  • in case of unclear health problems of your horse
  • injuries, where support can be used for float recovery
  • horse and rider in combination to treat to better results
  • what does my horse need for training /exercise



Frequently asked questions! 

What does EQcure do?

Focused on injuries in horses and performance when driving, the latter especially for riders. Traumatized horses deal with balance. Sick, injured horses deal with faster recovery.

EQcure always works in addition to the treatment methods of the veterinarian and is never a replacement for the regular medical care.

EQcure works always supportive and is not a substitute for proper riding lessons.

What is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health is a method that muscle and energy strengthening works. By muscle testing can muscle weaknesses and energy blockages are detected and corrected. The aim is to activate the self-healing capacity of the body. This can also be used in animals, with an intermediary. This is in contact with the animal and will undergo testing.

Reiki –  what is it and what does it do?

Reiki, the word, consists of two Japanese characters: Rei and Ki. It means universal life energy. When Reiki is applied, the body, soul and mind are seen as a whole in the healing process. The passing on of this energy takes place by laying on of hands or it can be passed on remotely. This transfer of energy has a positive influence on disharmony in the body.

TTouch horse, what is it?

TTouch is gentle but has a very deep working through touching. The TTouch is a circular motion, very light, run on the skin of the horse either with the whole hand, the fingers or parts of the hand. There is also a method where the skin is lightly lifted and let go or where you the skin is stroked in a certain manner. Some Touches include certain movement of the legs, tail, ears etc.

TTouch is not a massage. Massage is a method which is acted directly upon on the muscles. There is much more pressure, and the movement is also unlike the TTouches. You need knowledge of the muscles, and this for the TTouch not necessary.
Ttouch works on the nervous system of the horse. The purpose of the Touches is to make the horse more aware of his body, to give him more self awareness and to improve coordination therefor to resolve any tensions and to promote the health of the horse.


Rate per horse: €200 per session
Rate per rider: €250 per session
Price does not include travel expenses and travel time fee.
(appointment cancelation must be done at least 24 hours in advance to appointment, otherwise the full fee will be charged)


In addition to treatment of the veterinarian

At the start of December my horse Cantic became cripple.
After many visits to the veterinarian where a lameness investigation, x-rays and ultrasound had taken place the outcome was that the weak parts of his ball joint were damaged. After a lot of rest he slowly improved and with help of Marjolein it appeared that he had stiffened his muscles in his shoulder, they got stuck, because of the injury in the lower part of his leg. Marjolein and I worked on that with Touch for Health and Reiki. At the next visit of the veterinarian we received the good news that his lameness was over.
The advice is 6 weeks just walking and hopefully we can soon start a schedule to get back on track.


Solving stress issues!

Elected to ride for the Zuid-Holland Cup at the CHIO in Rotterdam.

In spite of the challenge and the wonderful idea to go and ride at the CHIO I was so stressed out.
Marjolein had signaled the stress I had and said there was a solution , a treatment with her. We made an appointment a couple of days before the dressage competition.
First she contacted with my horse. After that she treated us both, in combination.
When we were finished I went riding.
The big day had arrived. I had an appointment with Marjolein for a short treatment just before riding the competition. This was part of releasing myself from the stress.
I went to the arena and the moment I arrived I heard a lot of people jelling cheers at me, the encouragers were supporting me. I waved at them (what about the stress... I normally never was so relaxed) and started my dressage competition.
I will never forget this evening, because that same evening my horse and me were number 1. I will always remember this day. It's about a ones in a lifetime experience to ride at the CHIO.


Difficult period ended by treatment

After a long bad period that my daughter and her pony had I decided to look further to find a solution.
All went so well, competition after competition (show-jumping) she had won. Until a specific class.
Black (the pony) changed totally and we did not know what to do.
I saw how this influenced my daughter and as a mother this felt painful.
I did not hesitate any longer and decided to ask my friend Marjolein for help.
Then it happened....Marjolein arrived early in the morning and took my daughter in a room for a one on one session.
Full of tension and curiousity I waited....
After the session Marjolein treated the combination, my daughter and her pony Black.
Wonderful, exciting, unbelievable were the first words I thought.
The reaction of Black was what impressed me most.
The redeeming words.... Black had a problem with performance directed competitions.
This was also partly influenced by the former owners.
Indeed, my daughter started to ask more and the show jumping obstacles became higher, so Marjolein could have been right.
Besides the treatment Marjolein tought my daughter how she and her pony could prepare for a competition.
From my point of view the treatment was a success, we only had to see the results during the shows.
On their next shows the results were as we were used to, great.
It was certainly not a coincidence.

Also our other pony Pearly had a treatment by Marjolein after a lot of veterinarian check ups.
Marjolein advised for further check ups and treatments, and so we did. The result after: my daughter and Pearly made a great combination again.

Therefor I want to thank Marjolein in for her help, support and especially her love....

It was a great experience.


My first experience with Marjolein

My first experience with Marjolein was with my daughter.
During show jumping her pony refused to jump the blue obstacles.
When I told Marjolein, she said it was my daughter who did that and not her pony. Marjolein has solved this problem with my daughter and after the treatment she never refused on the blue obstacles again.

I also had treatments by Marjolein before dressage competitions myself.
I have Always been very nervous about the dressage competitions. Marjolein treats me but also my horse, not together but separated. And we also have combination sessions. After the sessions I competed and the results were very good. I am very satisfied with the help of Marjolein.

I can recommend her, she always makes me feel at ease.